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Event Schedule

01, 02 September, 2018
Workshop Design Project Thinking

Focusing on Innovation in People Management, we will bring the immersion of Project Thinking - Design Thinking into the innovation of Project Management. More than a Workshop, an immersion for managers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, or anyone who wants to turn their ideas into reality!
Intensity, the learning-by-doing experience gives participants an entirely new way of thinking, seeking innovative results and staying focused on people.

03 September, 2018
Enigma High-Performance Competences 

Workshop that develops a more judicious view of the organization, raising the performance and results of project activities to extremely high levels, even in complex environments.

Working with skills such as Team Building and Effectiveness in resource management, the Workshop focuses on the context of the project environment and the behavior of the parties involved.

04 September, 2018
IPMABr High Tower Project Life-Cycle

Learn through a sophisticated simulation all the nuances of the project management cycle and competencies integrating people, business and tools.

In an integrated way, the participants of this Workshop will work on all project competencies in an integrated way, maximizing their technical capacities and understanding of context.

05, 06 September, 2018
International Professional Conference

IPMA Brazil, together with IIE - Paris Lumière University - ChartLab - + B Chair - and IDGP, bring the best Latin American Project Management event with unique international certification, lectures and debates that contribute in practice to find advanced solutions in our moving world and leverage careers.

With the presence of the largest specialists in the public sector and the private sector in order to share new technologies, knowledge, experiences and advanced techniques to implement effective changes, with quality, reduction of costs and risks, adequate resource constraints and in particular time and capital.


Adding skills to deal with the new challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

The event is organized in 4 panels:
- Panel 1: Project Management in Public and Private Organizations;

- Panel 2: Portfolio Management and Corporate Governance;

- Panel 3: Intelligent Cities, Innovation and New Technological Frontiers;

- Panel 4: Project financing models and smart cities.

* We give the right to update the schedule of the event without prior notice.